Hi Bruce,

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since you started assisting me in my hunt for a new opportunity. A ton has changed over the course of the last year, and I have to say I am very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity I have been presented with.

California is great and Google is even better. Even better still, I have a great role on the M&A team, and I’m learning a ton about project finance, and partnership tax, in addition to the accounting issues our team creates with our investments. Almost every day I learn something new about the energy industry, partnerships, or tax. In all, I think I am very blessed for this opportunity.

I’m also very appreciative of the way you handled me and my job search while we worked together. We didn’t land on a gig together, but I definitely will not forget how well you listened and the genuine interest you had for my well being.

I hope everything is going well back home.


– Many Ojobaro, M&A Finance- Renewable Energy @ Google

I met Bruce many years ago when I was considering a career change. Over the years, Bruce opened the door to many appealing opportunities for me including my current role as a divisional CFO for a multi-billion dollar entity. His firm, SearchLight Finance, helped me secure many key members of my current staff. All of the people I found through SearchLight are top-notch and performing extremely well. Bruce understands accounting and finance and takes the time to learn about people. I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce and SearchLight Finance to anyone seeking top financial talent or to improve their career.

Andy Stephens, VP Finance, Nabors Industries

I thought I would drop you a note and say that I was reminded recently of how important a good recruiter is. January will be 14 years at (current employer) and you were the catalyst for getting me in the door (on most days, I am thankful for that…most days!).

A co-worker convinced me to register with TheLadder.com service 3 or 4 years ago. I generally do not pay attention to the automated mails sent to me but I was surprised recently to see what appeared to be my dream job.

After a couple of interactions, I was quickly able to determine that the recruiter behind this opportunity is no Bruce Boatner. Anyway, I thought I would drop you a note and give you kudos for the service you provided. I hope all is well in your world.